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At Wynn Homes, we are inspired by our history – a family-operated company founded in 1999 in Creedmoor, North Carolina where everything and everyone was deeply connected and sharing the best of life was part of the way we did business. Our word and our family name were on everything we did, so integrity meant more – giving to others meant more. We also developed a passion for being a positive influence in the growth of our state. Since that time, we have become one of the area’s fastest growing builders by knowing the market as well as understanding the types of homes and communities today’s homebuyer demands. Now Wynn Homes is one of the nation’s top 200 builders, yet we still bring that same passion, connection, integrity and sense of sharing to the way we build homes.

Our Carolina roots, nourished by the honesty and integrity that are native to the area, mean that in all of our relationships, Wynn Homes strives to operate in a manner that builds trust and creates more than business associations, but strong partnerships. These relationships allow us to offer beautiful homes at an exceptional value. It’s the right way to run our business, and these strong affiliations benefit our customers and communities.

We consider the people who buy homes from us as more than customers; they are our neighbors. For that reason, we are personally invested in their happiness and are dedicated to providing homes that fit their unique needs in communities they can be proud of. We take that responsibility seriously and help our customers find exactly what they need at the best value. 

We are committed to the idea that sharing our knowledge and expertise during the homebuilding process and giving our neighbors more that they expect are the keys to our success.


At Wynn Homes, we understand that purchasing a new home is a large commitment. Often this commitment is a balance between choosing the details that make our home unique and maximizing the value of this large investment. We believe that homebuyers deserve more; that everyone should have a home that is a unique reflection of who they are and that they can be excited to share with their families and friends without having to break the budget. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that the homes we build are finished to perfection, with many of the “extras” already included.

We do this by finding out what people really want in their new home and doing everything we can to make those features part of our standard. We guide our buyers through the process of selecting their plan and design, carefully supervise the construction of each home and then thoroughly inspect it before we release it for sale. Since our name is on every home we build, we ensure that everything is handled with meticulous attention to detail with a value that exceeds expectation. We then back that up with a commitment to stand behind every home we build.

This attention to detail extends to the communities we create. Every Wynn Homes community is carefully planned for the residents who will live there. From the location, land plan and amenities to the final look of each streetscape, the Wynn Homes team considers the needs of homeowners as well as their desire to live in a neighborhood designed to thrive.  We also work with local governments to develop our communities to enhance the surrounding area through careful land planning and dedicated partnerships. This commitment ensures our thoughtfully developed communities will remain a positive influence on the future of the place we all call home. 


  • Homebuyers deserve more – we deliver beautiful homes at an exceptional value, with many features considered upgrades listed as standard on our plans.
  • Neighborhoods built to thrive – this is our state too, and we want to leave a legacy of communities where people want to live, that will continue to grow and thrive.
  • Service that’s deeply rooted – we treat our customers the way we would treat a neighbor: with integrity, kindness and a welcoming spirit that makes finding and buying your home an enjoyable experience.
  • We stand behind our word – we believe that our name and our word is deeply important, that’s why we stand behind our work and make sure our homeowners are completely satisfied


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